Frequently Asked Questions

What is Timage Haylage?
Haylage is baled the day before Hay, therefore, it still has a damp texture.  The Haylage is stored in a plastic bag or wrap to contain this moisture and preserve the nutrients.

What are the benefits of Timage Haylage?
Timage Haylage offers a dust free product with a higher nutrient content.  Ideal for horses that need to put condition on, have respiratory problems or are fussy eaters.  Feeding Timage is more economical way to ensure that your horse has a broad spectrum of nutrients - you can reduce the amount of hard feed and you can feed less Timage in comparison to Hay.

How do I store Timage Haylage?
You can store the Timage outside preferably, away from any vermin. 

What do I do if I have a bad bale?
Contact us immediately, we have a guarantee policy.  If the bale has been damaged on the farm we will replace the bale. 


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