We offer 5 different product lines

Small Bales - We produce Small Square Bales which are cut into leaves and weigh no more than a bale of Hay. This bale usually feeds 1 - 2 horse/s or for the convenience of travelling.

Medium Round Bale - The Medium Round Bale is easily manoeuvred and measures 3 x 4’. This bale is supplied to establishments that don’t have machinery power and are largely fed to 3 - 4 horses.

Large Round Bale - The Large Round Bale is delivered to large establishments.

Large Square Bale - The Large Square Bale’s biggest advantage is dividing into sections, this ensures similar feed portions and makes it more manageable. This bale has similar volume to a Large Round Bale.

Haylage is guaranteed for a week. The product is stored on site until required by the customer. There is no storage charge.

All Haylage is grown and wrapped at Powblack Farm, therefore, this product is fully traceable.

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