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Timage is the brand name of our finest quality Timothy Ryegrass haylage from the fertile plains of the carse of Stirling, in Central Scotland.

We started making Haylage in 1997. We identified a niche for a dust free product. The product is made from selected grasses, sprayed with garlic preserve and baled to a perfect moisture level. We analyze the Haylage on a yearly basis and results are distributed to our customers on request.

Our haylage is analysed annually for nutrition content, and the results distributed to customers on request. For your peace of mind, Timage is grown and wrapped here at Powblack Farm, and is therefore fully traceable.

Timage is baled in 4 different sizes to suit every horse owner, from the individual with a single horse, right up to large establishments. We also supply hay, straw and shavings and if required, are happy to store any product at no extra charge until it is needed.

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