Our aim is to provide a product for your equine to absorb all the essential minerals and vitamins naturally, for a horse to perform at all levels.

Timage evolved from my husband’s frustration in witnessing me steeping Hay in water, after spending days in a Hay field, grafting to get the product as dry as possible. We were determined to develop a fibre feed that would not only benefit the horse and the horse owner but relieve my husband from despair.

Timage began life in big round bale form, as time went on it developed into different sizes to accommodate our clientele. We initially started by touting for business and delivering around the door, very quickly we realised that we had developed a product that was a niche market. Timage started spreading the word through various forms which has expanded the business now to all over Scotland, with customers on our books from the start from the evoluation of Timage.

One of biggest achievements in the early days was having a presence at the Royal Highland Show, now we are the supplier and sponser of many shows and events throughout the country, including the Blair Horse Trails. We are hoping to expand the profile of the business by attending more events, as we feel it is important we have the opportunity to speak to you personally about your requirements and concerns.

Timage is now sold in many local shops, if you have a local shop that you wish us to supply please contact and we will endeavour to start trading with them. The business also features on social media, so you can keep track of any developments or you can share information with us.

Our aim is to provide a product for your equine to absorb all the essential minerals and vitamins naturally, for a horse to perform at all levels.

We pride ourselves that our haylage has gone through a strenuous and thorough process to ensure you have a happy, healthy, competitive and content horse – quality guaranteed!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Timage Haylage?

Haylage is baled the day before Hay, therefore, it still has a damp texture. The Haylage is stored in a plastic bag or wrap to contain this moisture and preserve the nutrients.

+ What are the benefits of Timage Haylage?

Timage Haylage offers a dust free product with a higher nutrient content. Ideal for horses that need to put condition on, have respiratory problems or are fussy eaters. Feeding Timage is more economical way to ensure that your horse has a broad spectrum of nutrients – you can reduce the amount of hard feed and you can feed less Timage in comparison to Hay

+ What are the benefits of feeding Haylage in comparison to Hay?

Haylage preserves a better range of natural nutrients. Hay is produced by basking in the summer sun to dry out fully which in turn dries out most of the benefical nutrients – it is like boiling your vegetables to a mush. Haylage will help in reducing in your hard feed because potentially your horse is receiving more nutrients through constantly eating this natural feed source.

Haylage is also beneficial for horses that suffer from coughs through dust spores created in Hay, Haylage is harvested and bagged up in a slightly damp form to reduce this risk, so therefore there is no need to steep Haylage.

+ How do I feed Timage?

We would advise you to feed in the most natural method a horse is accustomed to, a constant trickle feed of it to ensure the gut is always working and not left idle. An idle horse gut could lead to serious problems.

Also, you can reduce your hard feed, as Timage is higher in nutrients and minerals. This decision is entirely up to you, as you know your horse’s requirements better than we do.

+ How long can I feed Timage before it goes off?

We guarantee Timage for 7 days once opened. Although, through winter months, when the climate is colder Timage can last up to 14 days and would be perfectly fine. You will get accustomed to realise when it is safe to feed, please phone or contact on other methods if you are unsure. We would rather we advise you if you are not confident about your judgement. One other thing to be mindful of, to ensure the longevity of your Haylage is to keep it covered up with the spare plastic, away from the exposure of the elements and sunlight in cool dark place. Timage and for matter of fact, all Haylage brands behaves differently when exposed to hot and sunny climate.

+ Why do you add a Garlic preservative to Timage?

The function of the preservative is most importantly to prevent nasty, dangerous mould forming created by foreign bodies ie dirt. We can’t guarantee the machines don’t pickup dirt when its harvested, that would be impossible to monitor, so this safeguards the product to ensure your horses welfare is considerate throughout the process. The preservative Haylage a unique and appetising smell; that many people have said that they could eat themselves. The preservative will also enhance the horses immune system with the natural aid of garlic.

+ How do I store Timage Haylage?

You should store Timage preferably outside, away from any vermin or through traffic that can potentially burst or puncture the packaging. When packaging is damaged the bale will decompose and offensive mould and spores will form. If possible, our advice is to feed it immediately after the incident. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee bales that are burst on site.

+ What things should I look out for bale quality?

Does it smell nice? Timage should a nice sweet, garlicky smell to it.

Does it have any mould spores? Small white mould spores on the bale is not a concern, that is yeast acting to its environment but please contact us if you are not happy or needing rest assurance. Green offensively smelling mould on the other hand is definitely not right and should not be fed, again contact us so then we resolve the matter.

+ What do I do if I have a bad bale?

Contact us immediately, we have a guarantee policy. If the bale has been damaged on the farm we will replace the bale.

+ How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE. We will deliver your palette to you free of charge. There are no hidden extra costs with Timage

Timage and the Environment

As a business, we are environmentally aware of the impact we have on the climate which has prompted us to partake in the Agri-Environment Scheme. In this scheme we have to meet high standards and regulations in conserving the biodiversity and our surrounding environment on the farm. We have invested in reducing our energy usage and reliance on fossil fuels by installing solar panels, a biomass boiler and running our tractors on bio fuel. Our plastic waste goes to a recycling plant – Solway Plastic. This company makes this durable recyclable plastic by-product into furniture, sheds, fencing and many other items. You can be confident that we are always reviewing our practices, to reduce our carbon consumption and impact on our planet.

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