Timage Light Haylage

Timage Light Haylage

Timage Light is a lower calorie, carbohydrate haylage, developed for horses that have weight issues, horses on low activity work, convalescing and/or is suffering from Laminitis. The product primarily contains Scotch Timothy grass which has been widely known a perfect grass type for this purpose. Timage Light is determined by harvesting the fields at the appropriate timeframe and growth, to ensure it has less conditioning nutrients but contains the most important factor of a higher fibre content. Garlic preservative is added to ensure no formation of nasty moulds forming from foreign bodies. One thing to be mindful of Timage Light – it is lacking sugar, so therefore, it might take some time for a horse to adapt to it, if they are used to Hay (a lot of Hay can be very high in offensive nutrients and sugars that can cause harm), other brands of Haylage or Timage Original. The product has been developed to safeguard the welfare of your animal.

The pallet comes in 40 bales, each bale weighing approximately 2okg in weight.


The Benefits of Timage

Timage Horse Haylage is grown and harvested on our farm by us – we don’t outsource any product from other farms or businesses. Having this command in the process puts us ahead of our competition. Other Haylage companies have little control of their bought in Haylage to process, in comparison to our home grown Timage – Timage is fully traceable to the source.

We keep close control of the quality of the grasses (a unique blend of mainly Scotch Timothy Grass with a small percentage of Rye Grass) and monitor and manage any dangerous and/ or offending weeds.
We harvest Timage Horse Haylage at the appropriate point of growth and timing – we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in making Haylage, harvesting Timage Horse Haylage has an unique method.
We observe the fermentation process and safeguard the product from a dangerous mould developing through dirt contamination, we spray all our haylage with a natural garlic mould inhibitor preservative to protect the welfare of your horse.
The preservative has additional qualities in making Timage smell sweet and appetising to a horse and enhancing the horses immune system with the natural aid of garlic.
We regularly analyse the mineral and nutrient quality and quantities, that they meet the correct levels, to ensure product performance remains at an excellent level.
Timage is naturally low in sugars, as we only take one cut of the crop when it’s fully matured. All the goodness that a horse requires is the stalk and not full of dangerous sugars when not allowed to fully develop.

We pride ourselves that our haylage has gone through a strenuous and thorough process to ensure you have a happy, healthy, competitive and content horse – quality guaranteed!!!

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