Winter at Powblack

As a family we can't wait to get ready for lambing, enjoy the festivities and toast the ending of 2020 - I think I can say quite confidently we will all be glad to see the back of this year.

Lamb No 4 – he needs a name!!

Winter is here and Santa will be visiting us soon. At this time of year we don’t rest on our laurels, it is quite exciting – we start lambing our lovely Hampshire Down Sheep over the festive season. There is nothing like brining new life into the world and seeing the ‘wee’ lambs thrive and leap with joy, to give you a fuzzy feeling.

My boys meet winter

We will share our little treasures on social media to share our joy . We need your help in naming them, we are expecting 40 lambs approximately. Their names must begin with the letter ‘H’ and have a Scottish theme, all creators of winning names will be awarded a prize of a Timage Horse Haylage Snood and have the accolade of realising that you have named a pedigree Hampshire Down Sheep. Looking forward to receiving your inventive events.

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